SULLIVAN Apr 2012-Nov 2012

Copywriter    New York, NY

Resourced knowledge of the financial service world for American Express, Liquidnet, Citi, and Ameriprise. Delivered enthusiasm for a client’s clients for Duke University and LinkedIn. Pushed creativity through internal and outward-facing agency products.

THE SAWTOOTH GROUP  Oct 2011-Apr 2012

Copywriter    Woodbridge, NJ

Provided copy for traditional outlets while developing hunger pains from looking at beautiful food photos and concepting for McCormick and Lawry’s. Concepted and executed social media and online presence for Rewind, Dwelling Place, and in-house needs.

BEING EMILY SMITH Apr 1982-Present

Avid Recycler, Reducer and Reuser; Sprinkler-lover; Silver-lining finder

Turned rational accomplishments such as walking and self-feeding into further endeavors including: world travel, tapas consumption and poems that rhyme.


Studied Advertising, Emphasis in Copywriting, Bachelor of Arts     Provo, UT

Experienced the creative side of advertising while dabbling in the account and research areas through class instruction and with the AdLab, a student-run agency. Magnified adult responsibility through work as an Intro to Advertising teacher’s assistant during senior year.

HILL HOLLIDAY Jun 2011-July 2011

Copywriter Intern     New York, NY

Learned and developed writing style to work on Verizon Wireless retail, point of sale, and radio; selling an ad within the first weeks. Stretched brain far and wide to concept for additional Verizon aspects and new business pitches. Expanded advertising skills through agency classes and intern spec campaign for Gilt Groupe.

LAVA7  Jun 2010-May 2011

Copywriter     Provo, UT

Used excellent communication skills and a knack for the internet to help develop and maintain blogs, websites and social media tools for dentists. When not saving the world from bad SEO copy, kept up with basic client account and office management.


FREELANCE Always enjoying

Copywriter    New York, NY

Perfecting the ability to understand advertising culture at every level while writing for brands from food to finance, consumer to business. Cultivating writing and concepting capabilities for traditional advertising, non-traditional campaigns, social media, and company fridge notes. Accomplishing individual management and team player-ness through productive work ethic and shared snacks.

VICTORIA’S SECRET PINK Presently writing, 2013

Copywriter    New York, NY

Merged with existing brand voice to create exciting and informative messaging for both customer and associate-facing communications. Found energy and organization working in a fast-paced, quick turnaround environment with multiple ongoing projects in digital, print, event & in-store signage, merchandising, and store ops.